Choosing the correct finish for your swimming pool is an important construction process. The cost and longevity of pool coatings also play a role in this decision, in addition to their visual appeal. Concrete used to be the go-to option for pool finishes, but modern innovations in the industry have made this obsolete. There are many different pool designs and building methods to choose from. Learn helpful advice on picking interior pool finishes houston texas and other related information.

Selecting the colour

What hue of water you want is one of the first considerations when deciding on interior florida pool finishes. Green and blue are the two most common options for watercolour, with various factors influencing the intensity of each. If plants cast shadows onto your pool, the water will have a darker hue. It's natural for the lower end to look brighter than the deeper water. Blue pool water can be achieved using a grey, blue, or white finish. Choose a darker finish with black, brown, tawny, or green pigment for green water. The hue and sheen of the water must fit the mood. A cool colour palette is a way to go if you're going for a shimmering ocean. A warmer tone can benefit a welcoming natural stream or a beachfront entrance. For added impact, try going with a darker shade.

Types of Finishes

  • Plaster Finishes

Plaster, produced with cement, water, and either silica sand or maple dust, is one of the most popular pool finishes houston texas for a pool's surface. Plastering your pool with the traditional white creates a timeless and glossy finish. 

  • Aggregate Finishes

The use of gravel for a pool's final coating is relatively recent. Plaster is combined with tiny bits of river stones, glass beads, granite, or quartz to create these finishes. Compared to plain plaster, these florida pool finishes provide a more opulent look and feel while being more stain- and chemical-resistant. 

  • Tiles Finishes

A tile is a durable option offering a wide variety of customization options. Tiles can be used as a finish for the entire pool or as a colourful accent on the floor, the stairs, or the waterline.

Considerations for the design

You should think about the pattern and texture of the substance for the pool's interior finish options. The artistic potential of your pool expands when you tile the entire pool, the flooring, the stairs, and the waterline. Mediterranean architecture and gardening are perfect matches for tile. Use your pool to make a statement by going all out with elaborate patterns and bright hues. You can search the option pool installation near me to find a good pool installation service.


Consider how the pool finishes will affect the colour's appearance and your chosen texture if you've already settled on a hue. In what way do you envision the pool's interior? There will be smoother textures and others that will give you the feeling of walking on the floor of a stream with pebbles. How long-lasting do you want the coating on your pool to be? Do you see yourself spending a long time in your present residence? Some coatings are more durable than others.